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gatling-thrift is a Gatling third party plugin for thrift protocol.

If you want more information for Gatling, see this documentation.

Set up

Builds are available for for Scala 2.12.x. The main line of development of gatling-thrift is 2.12.4.

First, you add gatling-thrift and gatling to librarydependencies in build.sbt:

librarydependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.github.3tty0n" %% "gatling-thrift" % "0.6.0",
  "io.gatling" % "gatling-test-framework" % "2.3.0" % "test,it",
  "io.gatling.highcharts" % "gatling-charts-highcharts" % "2.3.0" % "test,it"

And add these plugins to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.twitter" % "scrooge-sbt-plugin" % "17.11.0")
addSbtPlugin("io.gatling" % "gatling-sbt" % "2.2.2")

Then, enable Gatlingplugin in build.sbt:


This version of gatling-thrift is built on 17.11.0 of Finagle family.

If you want to use version 17.10.0 of Finagle family, use version 0.5.0 of gatling-thrift.

The source code for this page can be found here.